"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things

and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 2

The Souled Out Method helps you do 3 things:

  • identify your genius
  • prosper your courageous soul
  • let your light shine consistently

Do you want to create a purpose-driven business?

God has given you a vision, an idea, now what?

Maybe you started then stopped.

It takes a clear vision and boosted courage to build a purpose-driven business

The Souled Out Method is a program that helps you to prosper in the key ingredient to a successl purpose-driven business. It teaches you how to prosper in your soul so you can then stategically prosper in your business: 

  • renew your faith, 
  • boost your confidence,
  • attract your tribe, 
  • gain more leads, 
  • effectively communicate your value to your tribe
  • stand out in your industry

and more

Most women of faith in business don't achieve the success God has for them and that they desire, because they fall into one or all of the following 3 traps. 

Trap #1 - You think everyone is your client

That's a popular trap. You are passionate about the gifts you have and the problem that you solve, you believe everyone needs you.

However, not even Jesus was called to everyone. (Luke 4:18-19)

Trap#2: You believe that what you do is so much more important than who you are being

God created you to be a success. However, the transformation to her can be challenging and discouraging if you don't know how to be intentional and develop a strong personal belief system

Your personal belief system (PBS) is what causes your actions. Learning how to manage that is crucial to your business growth

Trap #3 - You feel letting your light shine is not what a woman of faith does 

Many are confused by humility. Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our light shine to glorify God. The parable of the talents indicates that God will bless us when we multiply our talents.

Knowing how to be visible thru your gifts and personality will help you shine and enjoy "being" it

The Souled Method is a step by step mastery process...

The Souled Out Method consists of the following 5 modules (plus an introductory module) in an online university. Each module contains:  

  • teaching videos with Clestine, the Purpose Coach  
  • instructional lessons  
  • coaching tools to guide your belief and habit transitions  
  • plus 2 bonus private sessions with Clestine, the Purpose Coach

You also get access to:

  • 12 Mindset and Business group coaching sessions
  • 12 Focused Learning group sessions - facilitated sessions to move thru the teaching modules
  • Private Focus plan session with Clestine, the Purpose Coach
  • Private Best Next Steps session with Clestine, the Purpose Coach



Identify your purpose and who you were called to serve

You know God must have a plan for you but you are just not sure what that is or what to do next 


develop your mental toughness to build your business consistently

Business success comes thru much failure and rejection. Developing your personal belief system and knowing how to speak in a healthy positive way to yourself is crucial.


Use your gift and personality to "shine" consistently in your business

God divinely imprinted your soul with a message and method of success. Your ideal clients will be attracted to how you solve "their" problem thru your personality and the wisdom and talent that God gave you. Its about how you are showing up! 

IT'S TIME FOR YOUR SOUL-MATE CLIENTS TO FIND YOU and time for you to SHINE! God created you to shine for Him. He wants to help them, through you. Now its time to get clear on His message in you, so they can be clear that they need you.


This is an investment that will keep on giving! 

Your One-time investment: $5000 (Valued at $9200) 


One time payers, ask us how to get a $1000 scholarship!

Make your investment in 6 monthly payments: $850 each 

If you would like a complimentary consultation to find out more, see where you are holding yourself back and/or see if this program is the right fit for you, click the button below to schedule an appointment, this week! (no procrastinators please ;-))

Consult with me

You will also receive...


Group coaching class though zoom with Coach Clestine

You'll be a part of the group sessions with Clestine, the Purpose Coach through zoom (live and in person). Where she has a gift in seeing what is hidden and where and how you can move forward and take action. This group coaching session meets 2 times a month (1st and 3rd week of every month for 6 months) 


Its like being in a class with Clestine, the Purpose Coach herself. A class facilitator (live in zoom--no AI here ;) ) will guide you through the teaching videos as a group to help you get through the teaching videos then do the exercises to apply the strategy.

If you don't like reading the lessons or going thru the videos on your own, this is a great way to get thru the strategy and take action WITH your souled out sisters group. It helps you to stay accountable and on track. (This session meets 2 times a month, 2nd and 4th week of each month)

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash


There are 3 ways you are held accountable which leads you to be more focused and take action.

1. Coach Clestine in the group and private coaching sessions will use her gift in seeing where you have blind spots and helping you to let go excuses and take action!

2. Your Accountability/Focus partner - she is your partner in class that you can work with and hold yourself accountable to

3. Group Coaching- in this international group class your Souled Out Sisters will be like minded, and will support and encourage you to take the actions you need to take.


Each lesson has exercises and coaching tools that help you with self-coaching outside of the coaching with Coach Clestine. This is where you become MORE aware of what has you stuck, and this is where you learn how to press thru and take action.


Private Coaching Session  

Clestine, the Purpose Coach will do 2 PRIVATE stategy session to ensure that your business transformation journey is focused on your goals and aligned with the purpose that God has for you

Plus monthly private sessions to hold you accountable to your vision, plan and goals

NOTE: Each lesson includes Clestine's proprietary teaching videos, workbook style handouts, and coaching tools

What Faith-based Women Like You Are Saying

"People started coming up to me"

Rozanne Ritter  

After working with Clestine, the Purpose Coach for 12 months, Rozanne increased her income by 306%. During our time together, we worked on her core message. The first time she shared her elevator pitch people came up to her and asked to meet with her. In Rozanne's words, "This has never happened to me before"

Janis Modeste, Inspirational Speaker and Strategist

It took me 2 years to pluck up the courage to work with Clestine. I only wish I had worked with her sooner.  

I knew I needed a coach to get to my next level, but I was not working. However, I didn't use that as an excuse. I found the money to invest in Clestine. It planted a seed in my ministry and it showed God that I was serious. I went from dreaming to a success reality.  

As a result of working with Clestine, I completed my Doctorate, got CLEAR on my PURPOSE and direction, created and hosted an annual conference called No Limits (2019 will be my 7th year) and created a business action plan that worked better with my personality.

Janis Whipple, Book Coach Clestine brought me to life, you might say. I had a dream of owning a business but little to no confidence, despite many years of experience in my field. Though I'm an extrovert, I was intimidated by the idea of "selling" my skills and value. Clestine's knowledge, insight, and coaching helped turn around my mind, beliefs, and confidence. Since working with Clestine, I have started my business (2019 will be 3 years), INCREASED my prices, DOUBLED my clientele, so essentially I increased my INCOME, hosted and facilitated my first workshop and started creating my first group program.


This is an investment that will keep on giving! 

Your One-time investment: $5000

Make your investment in 6 monthly payments: $850 each 

If you would like a complimentary consultation to find out more, see where you are holding yourself back and/or see if this program is the right fit for you, click the button below to schedule an appointment, this week! (no procrastinators)

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