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Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore - Airport

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OCT 10&11

'your purpose has a message. 

your message has a platform!'

Hi. I’m Clestine, the Purpose Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women of faith in business get clear on who they are [purpose] and become courageous in establishing & operating in their niche [soul-message] so they can attract their soul-mate client and bring abundance in their business and life

I would looooove for you to come to my Souled Out Conference in sunny Tampa, Fl.

If you are...

- not sure where you fit or what God wants you to do next

-feeling like your business and your faith don't fit together

-too scared to nail down your niche --your God ordained purpose--and become a specialist

- constantly watching webinars but NOT implementing

-indecisive and lack confidence

-easily overwhelmed

-secretly jealous or frustrated when you see others succeeding

then The Souled Out Conference is for you.

You'll discover 

- how to attract your soul-mate (ideal) client

- how to craft a powerful soul (core) message that attracts

-learn how to become an influencer

-how to build confidence

-how to include God in everything

and more

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