"You Can't Afford to Be Like Everbody Else" -Clestine, the Purpose Coach


Meet Clestine.

Clestine, the Purpose Coach is the gal who got laid off on her birthday and propelled into her Divine destiny. She wakes up each morning with a passion to help women of faith in business around the world become bold, business women by changing their thinking and following her proven proprietary business building and message mastery systems, The Godsperity System and The Souled Out Method respectively. It's been said when she speaks that her energy is infectious, and her words seem to speak life into your soul and empower you to be more!


Keynotes & Presentations

Below you will find a partial list of my presentations


The Art of Convincing Yourself

In this presentation, also a book by popular demand, Clestine shares the 3 questions you should say yes to in order to lead yourself to success.

You'll learn how to do what you need to do instead of what you feel like doing. In other words, you'll discover the success mindset you need to adopt.

Answer 'yes' to these questions and then watch your achievements skyrocket!


Reach Beyond Your Limits

Whether we like it or not, we each have limits that keep us stuck and unfortunately many of those limits are imbedded in how we are thinking, our behaviors and habits.

Reach beyond your limits identifies the 3 areas that we must focus on to press past our obstacles, to achieve success in our life and career.


Shift Happens!

5 Shifts You Must Make To Attract The Clients Of Your Dreams

Whether you are a successful solopreneur or a large corporation, you have internal and external clients.

Those you provide a product, program or service for and those you work with.

There are 5 shifts that you must make to begin to surround yourself with the individuals you want to work with, whether a client or a colleague.

Take a deep breath because you are about to shift!


Souled-Out Sales

We all sell! For some its like a dirty word, and they will do anything to avoid it.

Whether you are trying to convince a colleague to go with plan B or you are guiding a client to make the decision that is right for them, selling is an art and science.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to have a "conversation" with a prospect or colleague that was a win-win, AND that made you feel like you were 'just having a conversation'?

In this presentation, Clestine helps you to leave your fears at the door and turn your conversation into a yes!

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The Art of Convincing Yourself

In this book, based on a popular presentation, Clestine shares the 3 questions you should say yes to in order to lead you to success. You'll learn how to do what you need to do instead of what you feel like. Answer 'yes' to these questions and watch your achievements

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Knuggets of Knowledge to Get Unstuck

Often times when you feel stuck its some deep subconscious belief that you are not aware of. Something that is so hidden but yet its driving your decisions and habits.

Experts agree more than 85% of decisions are made from our subconscious.

3 Reasons Your Next Client Just Went With Somebody Else

What are the 3 major mistakes entrepreneurs make and how can you correct them

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Coaching Programs

Clestine has private, group and online coaching that is right for you in

  • Purpose Discovery
  • Business Building
  • Message Mastery

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"Clestine's messages win your attention ... She has the rare ability to hold one’s attention with Divine common sense as she shares her own experience coupled with principles that spell success in whatever one’s life challenge may be.”

"Clestine is an amazing ... powerful speaker, ... The first time I ever heard her speak, it woke up a dream inside of me that I did not even know was there. I had to literally sit on my hands because my body wanted to run up there on the stage, lol. I heard in my heart, "You can do that" "What?, No", I argued, but God had other plans. Thanks so much Clestine for your prayers and support!

The late, Herbert Douglas, Former President of Atlantic Union College, Former-President of Wiemer Institute, Former Associate editor of Advent Review

Melonie Benjamins , Raymond James, Sr. Administrative Coordinator, and Organizational Coach

I am Clestine, The Purpose Coach.

In 2003, I started my dream business as a speaker, coach & author. But that was after an 8 year engineering career that ended when I was laid off on my birthday! This propelled me into a 2 year career where I ran a quarter of a million dollar non-profit organization, which I left after a Holy Spirit nudge, to follow my dream. I have not looked by since 2003.

My purpose is to teach leadership, success mindset, and help women or women of faith, who are business owners and entrepreneurs, discover their Divine purpose, then monetize it into a business.

I've been interviewed on international TV stations, radio, podcasts and magazines. I have developed several proprietary business building curriculums/programs including The Souled Out Method and The Godsperity System, a program which supported one of my clients to increase her income by 306% in a 12 month period.

My joy is to help women of faith in business to discover their business focus, wake up their Divine inspired genius and stand out in their industry by mastering their message from the pitch to the platform.

Together we'll stop you from blending in and help you to let your light shine!

It's time to take yourself, team or company to the next level!

Let's talk!

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